THD Engineering provides various method and technologies for harmonic problems. Optimum solutions can only be provided with modern engineering approaches.

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Active Harmonic Filters

Active harmonic filters are power quality conditioners to mitigate harmonics with current injection method based on power electronic.

Passive Harmonic Filters

Passive harmonic filters are occured by frequency dependent LC components, and those filters design according to individual loads.

Hybrid Harmonic Filters

Hybrid harmonic filter systems are designed with the combination of Active and Passive Filters and perform both harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation.

Detuned Filters

Detuned filters are used to meet the reactive power demand of the facility and to prevent the resonance hazard.

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Triplen Harmonic Solutions

4 pole active filters and isolation transformers are the various solutions for triplen harmonics.

Power Quality Analyser

A Class power quality analyser are the devices that measure and record voltage disturbances and event wave form.

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    THD POWER is an electrical engineering company that provides consultancy services and produces optimal solutions on harmonic analysis and solutions in order to ensure electrical reliability in industrial facilities.


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