Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer

Class A Power Quality Analyzers are usually installed at PCC (Point of common coupling). It monitors and records short-term or long-term distortions in voltage.

Power Quality Analyzer

What is power quality?

The properties that electrical energy must have in order for electrical loads to work smoothly and efficiently are examined under the title of “power quality”. These features are defined as follows;

  • Uninterrupted electrical energy
  • Constanting voltage and frequency
  • Adjusting of power factor
  • Balance of phases’ loads
  • Limitation of harmonic values
Power Quality Analyzer

Why is Power Quality Important?

Electrical faults frequently occur in facilities with poor power quality. These faults negatively affect production continuity and production efficiency by causing losses such as raw materials, energy, and labor.

Power Quality Analyzer

Power quality standards

  • EN 50160: Voltage Characteristics of Electricity Supplied by Public Distribution Systems
  • IEEE STD 519-2014: IEEE Recommended Practice and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems
  • ENA Engineering Recommendation g5/5: Harmonic voltage distortion and the connection of harmonic sources and/or resonant plant to transmission systems and distribution networks in the United Kingdom.
  • IEC 61000-4-30: Testing and measurement techniques – Power quality measurement methods.


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